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Published: 22nd February 2011
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How To Make Money On Internet Quickly Through The Best PTC Sites

Today many people are struggling to make money online.
They go to search engines, forums, web directories and social media sites to get answers on their questions:
"How To Make Money Online",
"How To Earn Extra Cash",
"How To Earn Money From Home",
"How To Easy Work And Earn For Pocket Money",
and so on (even "How To Quit My Dayjob Fast" :-)).

But how is that possible to earn cash online?
Actually, there are a large amounts of methods to make cash on Internet.

The most simple method to make some extra money on Internet is Paid-To-Click (PTC) sites. They give money to their members just to visit their sponsor's websites.

Altrought, the earning at the very beginning are slow, it is possible to earn up to 100 dollars per day for those who gain more experience with PTC industry.

Best PTC Sites Are 100% FREE To Sign-Up.

To earn cash from PTC sites you have to sign-up for free and press "View Advertisements" or "Surf Ads" button (Sometimes "Earnings Area").

Then members will see some advertisements (4-6 usually) to view. Each advertisement need 30 sec. to be approved as viewed.
Then it will change it's status on inactive (viewed today). When all advertisements are visited, come back after 1 day to visit them (or another ones) again.

Repeat this until you get to the payout minimum then request your cash - it will be delivered to your online bank account in most cases instantly.

To receive money from PTC sites members must have online bank account. To get payment processor account for free click here now.

How To Save Time While Surfing The Best PTC Sites:
Login into all of them at the same time (use different tabs of your browser). Then visit first advertisements of all PTC sites at the same time. Then close the advertisements. Then repeat this simple job with the rest of advertisements. This will save your time greatly compared to common way of visiting sites When you view advertisements of 1st PTC site then 2nd PTC site and so on.

There are two types of PTC sites: Bux and Aurora.
Bux sites pay ~0.01$ per visited advertisement and allow to buy referrals, while Aurora sites pay ~0.005$ per Ad and don't allow to buy refs.

What Is Referral.
Referral is a person who join PTC site via your referral link. You can find your referral link in "Banners" or "Promote" area of your PTC account.

What Are Benefits of Having Refs.
Each time your referral view PTC sponsor's website you will get a money comission.

Three Types of Referrals:
1. Direct referrals - people who sign-up at PTC site via your ref link;
2. Rented referrals - those who can be rented (BUX sites only) to count as your refs for cirtain amount of time (1 month usually);
3. Inderect referrals - some PTC sites offer money bonuses from referrals of your referrals (two and more levels deep).

Methods To Get PTC Refs
Here are some good methods to get PTC referrals:
1. Advertise your ref link on traffic exchanges;
2. Advertise your referral links on text ad exchanges;
3. Promote your ref links on forums (in signatures);
4. Leave comments on PTC, GPT and Make Money Weblogs;
5. Use social media sites to promote your referral links;
6. Create a blog and post your ref links on it; then advertise it;
7. Use social networks to (promote your ref links;
8. Use social bookmarks to advertise your ref links;
9. Use referral exchange programs to get referrals;
10. Tell your friends to join under your referral links.

1. Forum.
Forum is a "Must Be" for every best PTC site to considercount itself safe to be used by it's members;

2. Own Script
every serious best PTC site has own script - it looks like no other PTC site. Avoid PTC sites which are created on common designs.

3. PTC Payment Proofs
Before joining any PTC site always search for payment proofs from this PTC site (this may be screenshot or video from payment processor account with received money).

PTC Investment:
All the best PTC sites allow you to earn more money by upgrading account for a small fee.
The Benebits of Upgrading PTC Account Are:
1. Get more cash from every advertisement you view;
2. Get more advertisements to click on daily;
3. Get more cash bomnusues from each referral's click;
4. Get incrased maximum of direct and rented referrals;
5. Get payments faster.

Click For Best PTC sites

This will save Your time (no need to surf in searches for the best ones).

These PTC sites are very steady - for years to come.


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